Changes from Ant 1.7.0 TO current Ant 1.7.1 version ============================================= Changes that could break older environments: ------------------------------------------- * String resources only have properties single expanded. If you relied on resources being expanded more than once, it no longer happens. Bugzilla report 42277. * A String resource's encoding attribute was only taken into account when set from the resource's OutputStream; the InputStream provided the String's binary content according to the platform's default encoding. Behavior has been modified to encode outgoing (InputStream) content as well as encoding incoming (OutputStream) content. * with fork now returns gives -1 instead of 0 as result when failonerror is false and some exception (including timeout) occurs. Br 42377. * ant-type attribute has been marked as deprecated and a warning has been issued if it is encountered in the build file. * FileUtils.createTempFile now actually creates the file. The TempFile task still does not create the file by default, can be instructed to do so however using a new parameter. Bugzilla report 33969. Fixed bugs: ----------- * The default logger was failing to print complete stack traces for exceptions other than BuildException, thus omitting often important diagnostic information. Bugzilla 43398. * Error in FTP task Bugzilla report 41724 * Regression: Locator fails with URI encoding problem when spaces in path Bugzilla report 42222 * Regression in Locator: running Ant off a network share does not work: message "URI has authority component" appears Bugzilla report 42275 * Improvements in AntClassLoader Speed. Bugzilla report 42259 * Error in handling of some permissions, most notably the AllPermission on jdk 1.5 Bugzilla report 41776 * Replace task summary output incorrect. Bugzilla report 41544 * Dependset crashes ant when timestamp on files change during Dependset execution. Bugzilla report 41284 * Bug in Bugzilla report 41411 * in Ant 1.7.0 could throw NPE if no was defined. Bugzilla report 41422. * In Ant 1.7.0, in does not by default include only **/*.java as the documentation claims and earlier revisions did. Bugzilla report 41264. * SPI support in jar was broken. Bugzilla report 41201. * jsch-0.1.30 causes SCP task to hang Bugzilla report 41090. * Target from imported file listed twice in projecthelp. Bugzilla report 41226. * task double-expands properties if expandproperties is true, and expands properties if expandproperties is false. Bugzilla report 41204. * Rolling back Bugzilla 32927 (set a default description for a javadoc tag if not set) as it caused a BC problem. Bugzilla report 41268. * forks properly and so memory settings are picked up. Bug report 41280. * Regression: NPE was thrown when using against a (third-party instantiated) fileset with null Project reference. * Strip out all -J arguments to non forking rmic adapters, specifically the Sun and Weblogic compilers. Bug report 41349 * Synchonization issues in PropertyHelper. Bugzilla 41353. * did not append. Bugzilla 41399. * -autoproxy turns Java1.5+ automatic proxy support on. Bugzilla 41904 * Handle null result of system getProperty(). Bugzilla 42334. * Regression: concat fixlastline="true" should not have applied to nested text, but did in Ant 1.7.0. Bugzilla 42369. * Regression: ant.version was not passed down in , . This worked in Ant 1.6.5, but not in 1.7.0. ant.core.lib (added in 1.7.0) was also not being propagated. Bugzilla bug 42263 * Regression: bzip2 task created corrupted output files for some inputs. Bugzilla bug 41596. * Regression: with did not work. Bugzilla 42735. * ant script, cd may output to stdout. Bugzilla 42739. * Modified selector doesn't update the cache if only one file has changed. Bugzilla 42802. * Regression: Path subclasses that overrode list() stopped working in resourceCollection contexts in Ant 1.7.0. Bugzilla 42967. * War task failed with "No WEB-INF/web.xml file was added" when called a second time. Bugzilla 43121. * FilterMapper could throw an NPE. Bugzilla 43292. * Regession nested macrodefs with elements could cause StackOverFlow. Bugzilla 43324. * task couldn't differentiate between "no resources specified" and "no resources matched." Bugzilla report 43799. * Some changes to broke third party tasks that extend it (like Apache Cactus' Ant task). The changes have been modified so that subclases should now work again - without any changes to the subclass. Other changes: -------------- * Various small optimizations speed up common tasks such as on large filesets, reducing both I/O and CPU usage. * Profiling logger has been added with basic profiling capabilities. *